Phoenixville Valley Forge Dermatology Associates is rated 5 out of 5.0 based on 3 ratings.

"My family has used Dr. Zellis for 15+ years and we can only sing her praises!! She is always professional and focused on the needs of her patients. Being of Irish heritage, we are prone to skin cancer, so quarterly checks are mandatory and her monitoring of our skin has prevented any major issues to date. Her staff is extremely helpful and professional on every encounter. They always have a cheery, upbeat attitude, and are always patient-centered. The business office is very efficient and always easy to work with regarding any insurance issues. Overall, we are extremely pleased with the services and attention provided, and would not consider any other dermatologist!"

"I’ve been seeing Dr. Motel for years! He is just wonderful – and very, very thorough, which is so important. No one ever told us years ago how bad the sun is – lesson learned! Thank you, Dr. Motel, for preventing what could have been very bad!"

Dr. Zellis is the only dermatologist I have ever seen, but one of the nicest and kindest doctors I have – and I have a lot at my age! My first visit, several years ago, was because of a place on my leg that my primary was uncomfortable about and therefore referred me for a dermatological screen. Dr. Zellis removed the area; it turned out that it was a melanoma. Dr. Zellis called me FROM HER CAR ON THE WAY TO THE AIRPORT for a vacation in Paris to deliver the news and tell me she wanted to see me as soon as she got back to remove further tissue. At first she told me to call the office and tell them I wanted an appointment as soon as she returned; she then said she would call the office herself to make sure this was expedited. HOW MANY DOCTORS WOULD DO THAT – call from her phone herself on the way to the airport, then call the office herself from her car to confirm that all was done correctly? I find this a truly amazing demonstration of compassion, responsibility, and going above and beyond what would be expected even in this situation! I have continued to be followed by Dr. Zellis twice a year. She is unfailingly cheerful, upbeat, willing to answer questions, patient, and funny! She has removed other bits of me over the years – some benign, some precancerous – and is competent, efficient, and always explains what she is doing and what to expect. Not only would I recommend Dr. Zellis highly, many of my friends already see her and feel as positive as I do. Thank you, Dr. Zellis!”
A. P.

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